Cuba, 2019, Leica M

I have often asked my Cuban friends what makes them so passionate,so happy? Beyond the bewilderment of the question it is typically answered with a simple smile and simpilier response, "Why be unhappy?" Despite communist rule and U.S. trade embargo that began in 1960 by President Dwight D. Eisenhower's State Department, better known on the Isla as "el bloqueo," Cubans still remain resiliant and vibrant. To know a Cuban you must also probably know one of their many mantras about life and hope, "There are no problems, only possiblities ..."

Images ©Rodolfo Gonzalez 2019/Gonzofotoz 

Leica M240, 28mm f2.8 - Elmerit, Leica M Typ262, 50mm f2 - Summicron,